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We are highly experienced professional international educators dedicated to helping people around the world so that they have an opportunity to follow their dreams. We are very passionate about the power of education and so have dedicated our lives to helping others. Between us we have almost 40 years of educational experience. To date, we have lived and taught in the United States, England, Germany, and Costa Rica. The schools we have worked with span a wide range of socio-economic and cultural diversity. From high poverty inner city school districts to rural communities to online learning to the military, we have worked in many different educational systems. Through our experiences we have learned a few things.



Mishele (B.A., M.S.)

Prior to teaching, Mishele worked in business for several major corporations in marketing and sales. Her real passion lies in science education. Mishele has taught in American middle and high schools and junior colleges. In addition, she has consulted for schools in developing nations. Also, she is a well- respected online teacher, academic coach, subject matter expert, and administrator. She has written online courses for a major online university and online secondary school. She is an advocate for all students and works extensively with at-risk students. For her incredible efforts, she was recognized as a National Teacher of the Year for a national online secondary school system. Her master’s degree is in education specializing in educational technology.



Curtis (B.S., M.S., M.Ed., Ph.D.)

Before becoming an educator, Curtis served in the United States Navy where he was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal for developing a training program that the Navy implemented. Curtis has taught in American, English, German, and Costa Rican middle and high schools and junior colleges as well as online courses. In addition, he has written and published curriculum that was adopted by a county office of education. He has been recognized by the Mayor of San Bernardino, California, Rotary Club International, and school districts for his contributions. He was also the 2000 Northern California Gifted Teacher of the Year. He has served on textbook and curriculum adoption committees at the local and state level. His leadership experience include being a Department Head, Director of Education, Campus President, and Dean in secondary and higher education. He is a published author and peer reviewer for professional education journals. Curtis’ doctorate is in adult educational leadership. His research interests include international education and education leadership.



Both Mishele and Curtis graduated the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Tolerance training, hold current state teaching credentials with a Cultural, Language Acquisition, and Diversity specialization, and present on various education topics. They are members of Teachers Without Borders, the American Education Research Association, the Association for Educational Communication & Technology, the International Society for Technology in Education, the North American Coalition for Online Learning, and Rotary International.


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