Why Teach Abroad?

Why Teach Abroad?

Why Teach Overseas?

There are almost 1,000 English speaking schools worldwide on six continents and over 200 countries. With this number of choices, there are plenty of exotic destinations to entice you. Here are some more reasons to go abroad.

  1. Excellent, tax-free salaries (in many locations) for overseas teaching
  2. Most schools teach in English, so no foreign language necessary
  3. Smaller class sizes than most U.S. schools
  4. More motivated students with less discipline issues than most U.S. schools
  5. Learn a foreign language
  6. Travel to areas off the tourist route
  7. Experience other cultures
  8. Gain multi-cultural teaching experience
  9. Make your resume more impressive
  10. Grow both professionally and personally

We brought our two boys with us when we traveled abroad teaching. When we finally came back to the U.S., they were real world travelers. Their international education has definitely set them apart (ahead) from their peers.

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